Tuesday, June 22, 2010

obsession #2

i f*cking love 350z's.

unlike my obsession with cars shaped like toasters, i don't actually own one of these… yet. every time i see one drive past on the street i can't help but turn my head – usually this results in me driving into the other lane by accident and having a blonde moment so that can be a little embarrassing. needless to say, a nissan 350z is TOTALLY on my wish list at the moment. i’m all like ‘mum can you buy me this car for my christmas and birthday present?’ and she’s all like “haha, not this time darling but i’ll buy you a lotto ticket”. dammit, was worth a try.

i still can’t help but have a serious appreciation for these cars, soooo sexy and look soooo awesome with good fitment (obviously).




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