Saturday, June 19, 2010

wheel fitment and ham sandwiches

i love many things... but over the past year i guess you could say my list of 'interests' has changed quite drastically. you don't need to tell me - i'm already aware of it and quite frankly, i like it. i'm the same person, but what if the things i like have changed a little bit? i mean, my boyfriend is the editor of performance car so i was always going to end up liking cars. they are shiny and go fast and i get excited. so what if next month i go and blow all my paycheck on the next thing i want to do to my new car? it makes me happy so i don't care. i might be living off homemade sandwiches for a few weeks because i spent all my money on new wheels, but god they look great!

what i don't understand is how people can't appreciate this shit:


flush wheel fitment is SICK!!!!!


as you can see, my personal project is coming along quite nicely. i'm pretty proud to say that this car is mine, i mean, i know it isn't anything super extraordinary, but when i step back and look at it i really feel like i've really achieved something. there are still a lot of improvements to be made - and that's the part i'm looking forward to the most.

watch this space :)

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  1. Hey Taryn, You've come a long way, and I hope to one day achieve at least a fraction of what you have done here on iheartstance. Great work! :)


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