Friday, July 30, 2010

future projects

i've been thinking lately about other projects that i might start after my bB is complete. not that i don't love the bB, but sometimes i feel like i really need to think outside the box (literally!)




i have a wee obsession with flushed-out convertibles at the moment! there's something about a drop-top with a roll-cage in it that appeals to me... this rx7 from stanceworks is my favourite. i like how the white cage matches the white work rims, and they haven't painted the inside panels of the car which is interesting - but it somehow works. the overall look is frickin cool.




realistically, my 350z project won't be happening for a while yet so it's time to look at cheaper options. this is what i have floating through my brain right now:


well, you wanted to see what i was thinking?! in the mean time, i'm going to focus on my first love, the bB. but who knows what the future will bring. i'm keeping my options open!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

chasing stance

having an appreciation for flush wheel fitment is one thing. actually HAVING flush wheel fitment, is a whole different story. let me share mine with you.

in a previous post, in a bid to get other girls "like me" to understand stance, i mentioned how modifying your car is similar to getting a new outfit. you go shopping, get dressed up and you have it – your new outfit, right? to pedey’s amusement, i actually thought this was how easy it was with cars. rims, suspension, TA-DA!!!! apparently, it's not that easy, which i've found out for myself now.

the project...

firstly it was off to bruce at mag 'n' turbo in hamilton to get some sweet new wheels. bruce hooked me up with some 15x8 DTM old school rims, which I had seen on other bB’s and really liked!

they are very similar to the work equip 03 rims, but a slightly cheaper version. seriously though, i’m a babe on budget so i'm not complaining, they look really good!

this brings us to the next step – suspension. one word: DISASTER. i got a sweet deal on some HKS hypermax 3 coilovers, which i was really exited about. pedey is a wonderful writer and is very talented, but helping me with installing my suspension does not come under his extensive list of the things he is good at. thankfully, i was able to employ my trusty mechanic, sam groombridge, to help with this. it was lucky also that he accepted payment in lion red*.

the front struts went in first, and it looked sick. everything was on track until it was time to do the back, which was when we realised things weren't quite right. i referred to my bB bible – the bB squad forum to ask for help. they instantly recognised what had happened, which was sadly that we had been sold coilovers for a 4wd model bB.

my reaction was WTF. i’m serious, they don’t even MAKE 4wd bBs!!!!!!!!! i had drawn the short straw and been given coilovers that weren’t compatible with my car, and i was not impressed. with the front coilovers already installed, i left them in and had to keep the old suspension in the back. i justified that it would be okay to just put something heavy in the boot for the mean time, after all, i am from whangarei.

this was obviously not meant to be a permanent solution but unfortunately it’s still how the bB is rolling. the car had already been lowered before it was imported to new zealand (some time in it’s 10 years of existence!) so it doesn’t look too bad. however, as i am a total perfectionist this really pisses me off and as i haven’t found a solution as of yet, i’m going to have to raise the front up. i’m open to suggestions about what to do with so any ideas are welcome!!!

with +25 offset my wheels sat pretty flush at the front but the back not so much, so we found some 20mm spacers and headed over to 'sam g mechanics' to put them on. again, it wasn't as easy as that. sam had to get the angle grinder out to shorten the studs, but he managed to get them on in the end. success! but wait...

... further complications, and this was after we had the guards rolled. luckily sam g knows how to fix anything with a hammer. this is how the bB sits today...

i've learnt so much from my project already, mainly because there have been so many hiccups along the way - patience is definitely necessary. but so far, so good and i'm really happy with my stance. there are still a few more things i'd like to do, sort out my suspension for one, and then get some roof racks put on. i love the look of bB's with yakima racks, especially with the big fairing at the front.

one piece of advice i can pass on? buy your fatlace and hellaflush stickers after you get your wheel fitment sorted, not before!

*lion red given as payment to sam g mechanics was purchased by pedey.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

s i c k


Monday, July 26, 2010

i want you!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


i'm so digging japanese "boso-style" cars! after reading an article in performance car a while ago, i took an interest to them and did some research. although commonly referred to as boso-style, this isn't really the right term.

"bōsōzoku" means "violent running tribe", and is a japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs. these gangs first started in the 1950's, and would illegally modify their motorcycles and ride around and cause trouble. while some bosozoku members would drive modified cars like these, people today who have these cars prefer to go by the name of "kyusha-kai" which means japanese classic car group.

popular features of kyusha-kai cars include crazy paint-jobs, wide exaggerated body-kits, enlarged fenders and exhaust pipes, and oil-coolers mounted in a prominent position on the front bumper.

check out these rides!


another common feature on these cars is super low offset, which i totally appreciate - some have pretty rad fitment going on! i've always found different country's car cultures interesting and i think that's the reason i was drawn to the kyusha-kai and boso-style. definitely something very different!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello kitty fisheye


cedric appreciation

this VIP style nissan cedric takes camber to a whole new level. these pictures have been going around the internet for while but i still felt the need to post them on here. two words, bad ass!



only in japan!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i'm absolutely in love with this style of photography. the term comes from the Japanese word "boke" (暈け or ボケ), which means "blur" or "haze".

in photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."

as a photographer, i think the first thing i was taught was to make sure the image is in focus. bokeh is pretty much the exact opposite of this, and the result is amazing. i always try and emphasise depth of field in my photography, but this takes it to a whole new level. using a very low aperture, some images are partly in focus with blurred light in the background, whereas some bokeh images are completely out of focus.

what a beautiful concept. check out these examples...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what's yours is mine now, right?

a few weeks ago, a gleaming golden cadillac sat in this spot. what a beautiful car, completely restored and in such perfect condition. before this 1967 coupe deville sat in our garage, i had never seen a classic car in real life. with it’s strange angular features, shiny bulbous chrome accents and plush leather seats, sitting in it made me feel like i had gone back in time.

since then i’ve gained a real appreciation for classic cars, and it was very hard to say goodbye when the caddy was sold. but with an empty garage to fill, the search was on to find something new and exciting. the question was, what could be more exciting than our former golden trophy?

at first it was a little depressing standing back and looking at the rusty brown replacement. peeling paint, dingy old hub-caps and faded seats – this car was a sore sight compared to the pristine cadillac! but this surprisingly excited me – this car would be a project, and i was going to be a part of it.

the project:

the car is a 1967 model chevrolet impala "fastback". in case you're having trouble with your imagination, let me show you our inspiration photo:

the 'fastback' is named after it's curving roofline, which flows in an unbroken line into the rear of the body. with a new paint job and some new wheels, our fixer upper is going to look super sick. the only other thing is... looking at other fastbacks on the internet, it's become quite obvious that they look 100x better when they're slammed on the ground...

springs, bags or hydros? ;)

a girls guide to stance - part 2

not everyone's stance style is the same.

"mexi" - super negative offset. the wheels stick out very noticbly from the guards.

"tucked" - seen on VIP style cars, most of which are on air bags. the wheels tuck under the guards to fit, but with adjustable camber they are still flush.

"flush" - perfect offset, low but not super low. the ideal stance for your daily driver.

"hellaflush" - the stance you see and think "can those wheels even move?" if it's hellaflushed, the answer is yes. these cars have perfect offset, ride height and still manage to get those wheels rolling. sick.

Monday, July 19, 2010

happy thoughts

the illest

there’s only one word for this car – ill. what else would the guy behind fatlace/hellaflush drive other than a stanced out porshe! it’s taken me a while to find a proper picture of it but here it is – so sick.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

quote for the day

"hellaflush is all about style. most owners scrape over everything and it doesn't bother them. it's a lifestyle decision that many people don't want to get out of and conform to." - Mark Arcenal, owner/founder of

Thursday, July 15, 2010

destiny is calling!

oh, just one more...


fitment isn't quite to my liking, but i do like the colour scheme!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

b(B) inspired

(o)___(o) inspiration for the day.


the bB squad is my inspiration behind my car. check them out

Monday, July 12, 2010

passion #1

something that i don't like is the pressure we are put under at such a young age to have to "decide" what we want to do - or pick a "career path" as such. for this reason i decided against going to study at university. at 17, i wasn't old enough to look after myself, let alone make such a big decision about my life.

however, four years later, i find myself sitting here still asking myself the exact same question. what do i want to be when i grow up? i think that perhaps i got confused with what i like to do and what i want to do. i have recently discovered that these two things just aren't the same.

last year i quit a very promising photography job at a leading studio to move to auckland. when you fall in love with something, it's your passion that is the drive behind it. i felt like this passion was fading. photography was my love, but i couldn't remember why.

i began a new photography job, but this made me even more unhappy. i quit being a full-time photographer. i put down my camera for a long time, i shoved it in my cupboard and tried to not think about it.

after a while, the urge to use it began to surface again. i began taking photos for me, of things that i liked - things that inspired me. i had rediscovered my passion - my drive, the reason i became i photographer in the first place.

from all this i have learned a valuable lesson. not to rush into something you love. if it is true, it will last forever anyway!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

one day...

now that i have a proper understanding of flush wheel fitment, i can't imagine ever owning a car without it. there is however, one exception - classic cars. i would love to have a 350z, perhaps in the near future. but this car i can only dream about having in the garage one day.


just like any classic car, you don't need to flush anything to make a caddy look cool. the "pink cadillac" became famous after elvis presley bought his first cadillac and had it painted pink. after this he owned many cadillacs, his favourite being a 1955 cadillac fleetwood painted pink with a white roof.



while they never actually produced any pink cadillacs, it became very popular with 50's caddys to have them painted various shades of pink. my favourite cars are the 1959 rag-tops (convertibles)...


these cars are just absolutely beautiful, and if you've never had the chance to see a classic car like this in person you just couldn't understand. my favourite feature of the 1959 model would have to be the huge tail fins and outrageous tailights, they look so damn cool...


in conclusion, a girl can dream!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

playstation for girls

i don't know about other girls, but when my boyfriend pulls out the playstation controller, i groan in protest. this more than likely means i am about to endure an hour or so of gunshots, explosions and "die mother f*cker!" echoing loudly through the house. for this reason, i am usually very strongly opposed to gaming - until now!


"modnation" not only lets me design as many cars as i want, i also get to make my own cute character and design my own race tracks! both my character and cars are all pink, of course. and get this - to drift, all you have to do is press the "x" button! if only it was that easy in real life, sigh...




there's only one problem with this game, apart from the fact that i f*cking suck at it, which is that you have to complete to a certain level to "unlock" lowering springs for your suspension. what is up with that!? luckily my boyfriend is a gaming nerd, so i've asked him to find some cheats to solve that problem...

Monday, July 5, 2010

love bug

this post makes me a little bit sad. i had only recently come to terms with the loss of my beautiful VW beetle… and then THIS pops up on the internet!!!!

you have to admit pedey, this is pretty sick...




i actually thought the day i got my beetle was THE best day of my life! the only problem was that it looked great but stopped working after a while. just before the car got written off, it had no central locking - it was left permanently unlocked, the electric windows stopped working, both car keys fell apart and the lights stopped working.

i can't help but think that if i had still had my beetle, i could have made it look like this! but what's the point in having a car that looks cool but doesn't even work?

i think i'll stick with my trusty toyota thanks!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

canon - the caffiene edition?

last night i took some awesome photos on my boyfriends camera, which made me realise i really need to get off my ass and buy a lens for my canon eos 5D. feeling all inspired i hopped on the computer to see what i could find. apparently, canon doesn’t just make equipment for taking photos...


being a big coffee drinker, i would definitely go for the 70-200mm thermos...