Sunday, July 25, 2010


i'm so digging japanese "boso-style" cars! after reading an article in performance car a while ago, i took an interest to them and did some research. although commonly referred to as boso-style, this isn't really the right term.

"bōsōzoku" means "violent running tribe", and is a japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs. these gangs first started in the 1950's, and would illegally modify their motorcycles and ride around and cause trouble. while some bosozoku members would drive modified cars like these, people today who have these cars prefer to go by the name of "kyusha-kai" which means japanese classic car group.

popular features of kyusha-kai cars include crazy paint-jobs, wide exaggerated body-kits, enlarged fenders and exhaust pipes, and oil-coolers mounted in a prominent position on the front bumper.

check out these rides!


another common feature on these cars is super low offset, which i totally appreciate - some have pretty rad fitment going on! i've always found different country's car cultures interesting and i think that's the reason i was drawn to the kyusha-kai and boso-style. definitely something very different!

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