Thursday, July 29, 2010

chasing stance

having an appreciation for flush wheel fitment is one thing. actually HAVING flush wheel fitment, is a whole different story. let me share mine with you.

in a previous post, in a bid to get other girls "like me" to understand stance, i mentioned how modifying your car is similar to getting a new outfit. you go shopping, get dressed up and you have it – your new outfit, right? to pedey’s amusement, i actually thought this was how easy it was with cars. rims, suspension, TA-DA!!!! apparently, it's not that easy, which i've found out for myself now.

the project...

firstly it was off to bruce at mag 'n' turbo in hamilton to get some sweet new wheels. bruce hooked me up with some 15x8 DTM old school rims, which I had seen on other bB’s and really liked!

they are very similar to the work equip 03 rims, but a slightly cheaper version. seriously though, i’m a babe on budget so i'm not complaining, they look really good!

this brings us to the next step – suspension. one word: DISASTER. i got a sweet deal on some HKS hypermax 3 coilovers, which i was really exited about. pedey is a wonderful writer and is very talented, but helping me with installing my suspension does not come under his extensive list of the things he is good at. thankfully, i was able to employ my trusty mechanic, sam groombridge, to help with this. it was lucky also that he accepted payment in lion red*.

the front struts went in first, and it looked sick. everything was on track until it was time to do the back, which was when we realised things weren't quite right. i referred to my bB bible – the bB squad forum to ask for help. they instantly recognised what had happened, which was sadly that we had been sold coilovers for a 4wd model bB.

my reaction was WTF. i’m serious, they don’t even MAKE 4wd bBs!!!!!!!!! i had drawn the short straw and been given coilovers that weren’t compatible with my car, and i was not impressed. with the front coilovers already installed, i left them in and had to keep the old suspension in the back. i justified that it would be okay to just put something heavy in the boot for the mean time, after all, i am from whangarei.

this was obviously not meant to be a permanent solution but unfortunately it’s still how the bB is rolling. the car had already been lowered before it was imported to new zealand (some time in it’s 10 years of existence!) so it doesn’t look too bad. however, as i am a total perfectionist this really pisses me off and as i haven’t found a solution as of yet, i’m going to have to raise the front up. i’m open to suggestions about what to do with so any ideas are welcome!!!

with +25 offset my wheels sat pretty flush at the front but the back not so much, so we found some 20mm spacers and headed over to 'sam g mechanics' to put them on. again, it wasn't as easy as that. sam had to get the angle grinder out to shorten the studs, but he managed to get them on in the end. success! but wait...

... further complications, and this was after we had the guards rolled. luckily sam g knows how to fix anything with a hammer. this is how the bB sits today...

i've learnt so much from my project already, mainly because there have been so many hiccups along the way - patience is definitely necessary. but so far, so good and i'm really happy with my stance. there are still a few more things i'd like to do, sort out my suspension for one, and then get some roof racks put on. i love the look of bB's with yakima racks, especially with the big fairing at the front.

one piece of advice i can pass on? buy your fatlace and hellaflush stickers after you get your wheel fitment sorted, not before!

*lion red given as payment to sam g mechanics was purchased by pedey.

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