Monday, July 12, 2010

passion #1

something that i don't like is the pressure we are put under at such a young age to have to "decide" what we want to do - or pick a "career path" as such. for this reason i decided against going to study at university. at 17, i wasn't old enough to look after myself, let alone make such a big decision about my life.

however, four years later, i find myself sitting here still asking myself the exact same question. what do i want to be when i grow up? i think that perhaps i got confused with what i like to do and what i want to do. i have recently discovered that these two things just aren't the same.

last year i quit a very promising photography job at a leading studio to move to auckland. when you fall in love with something, it's your passion that is the drive behind it. i felt like this passion was fading. photography was my love, but i couldn't remember why.

i began a new photography job, but this made me even more unhappy. i quit being a full-time photographer. i put down my camera for a long time, i shoved it in my cupboard and tried to not think about it.

after a while, the urge to use it began to surface again. i began taking photos for me, of things that i liked - things that inspired me. i had rediscovered my passion - my drive, the reason i became i photographer in the first place.

from all this i have learned a valuable lesson. not to rush into something you love. if it is true, it will last forever anyway!


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