Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what's yours is mine now, right?

a few weeks ago, a gleaming golden cadillac sat in this spot. what a beautiful car, completely restored and in such perfect condition. before this 1967 coupe deville sat in our garage, i had never seen a classic car in real life. with it’s strange angular features, shiny bulbous chrome accents and plush leather seats, sitting in it made me feel like i had gone back in time.

since then i’ve gained a real appreciation for classic cars, and it was very hard to say goodbye when the caddy was sold. but with an empty garage to fill, the search was on to find something new and exciting. the question was, what could be more exciting than our former golden trophy?

at first it was a little depressing standing back and looking at the rusty brown replacement. peeling paint, dingy old hub-caps and faded seats – this car was a sore sight compared to the pristine cadillac! but this surprisingly excited me – this car would be a project, and i was going to be a part of it.

the project:

the car is a 1967 model chevrolet impala "fastback". in case you're having trouble with your imagination, let me show you our inspiration photo:

the 'fastback' is named after it's curving roofline, which flows in an unbroken line into the rear of the body. with a new paint job and some new wheels, our fixer upper is going to look super sick. the only other thing is... looking at other fastbacks on the internet, it's become quite obvious that they look 100x better when they're slammed on the ground...

springs, bags or hydros? ;)

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