Monday, August 16, 2010

cannonball run

i love going along to car events, but i know they're not for everyone. if you've ever thought that going along to anything car-related was boring, then this is your chance to get involved with something seriously fun!

the first cannonball race was held last summer, and when asked to go along for the ride i was not quite sure what to expect. jumping in the enormous demon energy ute with the nz performance car team, we turned up to the starting point and were pretty much blown away with the amount of people that had shown up for it - needless to say it was an awesome day!


the general idea is that you get a team together and dress up in theme (the car too if you want) and race around the country completing various tasks and taking funny photos along the way. the second cannonball event, the ‘snowball’ run, was held a couple of months ago and it was great to see some familiar faces! everyone really got into it with their cars and outfits which made it that much better...



with the first cannonball run earlier this year being a huge success, it’s been so great to see auckland motorsport continue the event. all you need is a car, your friends and a camera - anyone can join in! sign up a team here for the next cannonball run which is being held on the 8th of january!


next year, i'll be entering my own team, girls only of course. team nzpc, watch out!

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