Tuesday, August 3, 2010

obsessed again...

after my post "future projects" i haven't been able to stop thinking about convertibles and how i want one. i know, i know... but seriously, i have a one track mind and once i get an idea in my head that i like, i find it really hard to get it out again.

i really love the look of old rx7's, but there aren't very many around and i'm not quite sure i want (or that i'm ready) to jump on the 'rotary' bandwagon. i'm also a fan of honda s2000's but i'm totally not willing to pay for one.

and then, the answer came to me! it had been under my nose the whole time. i'd never taken much notice to mazda mx5's before, but now i'm finding myself a tad obsessed. these were the pictures that caught my attention...



after spotting these, my inner nerd has escaped and i've been stuck in a google image search frenzy ever since. the mx5 is also known as the "miata" in america and "roadster" in japan, and was first produced in 1989. the older models have retractable headlights which is pretty cool, and they can sell for quite cheap now so i've got my eye on a few! just like most standard cars, they don't stand out as anything super extraordinary - but when lowered and on the right wheels... definitely my style!


i'm quite keen on the hard-tops, but a soft top is what i'm after. i never realised before, but the shape of the mx5 is actually really similar to the rx7 - a bit smaller and rounder perhaps.

something else i'd forgotten was that last christmas, pedey and i even took his mum's mx5 out for a spin in the south island to hanmer springs!


it was such a beautiful drive - and a speedy one too! it's funny that i didn't think anything of the car then but now i'm really lusting after one.

once again, watch this spaaaace!!!

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