Sunday, August 22, 2010

passion #2

after refusing to settle for a thule roof rack-set up, i had almost given up hope that one day i’d be able to get a yakima rack in new zealand. what to do with my suspension still sat as an unanswered question in the back of my mind, pestering me. do i buy new coilovers? gazing longingly out the window at my (very dirty) bB, i felt like a failure, my project car was dumb. i was close to giving up. i almost convinced myself to put my standard wheels back on the car and put it on trademe. with thoughts of mx5s, s2000s and 350zs running through my mind, i had started drifting away from the beebs and daydreaming about more ‘exciting’ project ideas.

AND THEN…. inspiration suddenly came when i found out that i was going to get my beloved yakima rack! visions of my bB scraping along the ground with bad ass camber and a cute pink stickered roof-rack came to me! that’s when i realised that the true failure would be abandoning my project. how could i have EVER wanted to leave you??? i ran outside and gave my car a big hug…



i had another realisation when i was browsing through my blog earlier, which is why i’ve named this post passion #2 (following up on this post). it sounds weird saying this, but i think i’m officially a car enthusiast. i’m not saying i know everything about cars, or that i’m trying to pretend that i do. but the interest that i’ve taken to them hasn’t subsided, if anything it’s growing every day and i’ve found that i’m learning more and more new things that really interest me. which is why i started this blog, to share them with other people like me, who don’t know about much about cars and who are wanting to learn. everyone has to start somewhere?

to sum this post up, i love toyota bB’s. they are what sparked my interest in cars in the first place, and i’ve learned from past experiences that when your passion for something isn’t as bright as it used to be, you have to throw yourself back in there and remind yourself why you love it. from today, project bB continues to go forward and no matter what problems i come across, whether it be my guards chopping into my tires or parts of my suspension being put in backwards (perhaps a result of what happens you pay your mechanic in beer!), i’ll persevere until my car is looking it’s very best!


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