Friday, August 27, 2010

st. paddy’s project

i really don’t know much about sci-fi, but i always just figured that a ‘cyborg’ was some sort of alien robot. apparently not – it’s actually a mitsubishi.

i’d overheard our new flat mate, patrick, talking about progress on his car over in the workshop, and i realised i’d never actually asked what the car was before. last night after i expressed my interest to him, before i knew it he already had taken my laptop out of my hands and was on some mitsubishi forum finding a picture to show me! i must admit, i was a little bit worried about this ‘cyborg’ – i didn’t quite know what to expect.

i was most impressed with patrick’s enthusiasm for his project – he proudly announced that ‘he’d never found another cyborg with stanced wheel fitment’, and that he was excited to be the first. patrick, i like your way of thinking! the following is a ‘before’ photo of the car…


the car is currently in pieces over in the workshop, and patrick is rebuilding everything himself. i feel a little bit jealous that he is able to do this, as a person who knows nothing about engines or mechanics at ALL and has to get other people to do all the hard parts, i can only imagine that it must be great being able to actually ‘work’ on your project car in order to get things done. maybe i should become a mechanic?


hmm… or not.

anyway, patrick has a pretty clear visualisation of what he wants his car look like once it’s finished, one of the main features being a new paintjob. being of irish heritage (and proud of it looking at previous st. patrick’s day photos from his face book page), he’s already got his heart set on a bright green with a gold pearl running through. he also wants to get a set of the work equip 03’s in gold, but i personally think he should settle for the DTM copies like mine. really, i just don’t want the bB’s feelings to get hurt!!!!

after much bargaining ending in the exchange of a disclosed amount of chocolate wafers (delicious…), i agreed to photoshop the ’borg in an effort to bring patrick’s vision to life….


originally we had a LOT more poke going on in the back tires, but unfortunately patrick made me change that to what i’d call a more ‘conservative’ offset... perhaps i’m just too extreme. i think good on him for breaking the stereotype and wanting to do something different! that’s one of the things i love about ‘stance-projects’. people say that certain cars are ‘better’ for having flush wheel fitment, but define better? you can do it to any car, and the more original the car, the more it’ll stand out from the others.

credit note: thanks to patrick for letting me blog about him and call his car an alien.

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