Wednesday, September 1, 2010

another bbs post…

i know, i’ve already blogged about these wheels before, but unfortunately my obsession for them hasn’t gone away and i’m more in love than ever. i’ve always been really happy with the current wheels i’ve got on my car, but you guys know what i’m like – i want everything i don’t have!


something that i’ve recently learnt is that these rims (that all the cars with amaaazing fitment have) actually have to be modified in order to achieve the look you see. the original bbs rs rim is totally standard – which means lame offset! an extra custom lip has to be added onto the rims to achieve the ‘big dish’ look that makes it look so awesome, and apparently this works out to be a pretty expensive process. the end result though is totally worth it…






i’ve noticed a lot of older model bmws, stanced convertibles, vw golfs and toyota bBs sporting bbs rs rims on the internet and i have always loved them, despite them becoming hugely popular. my friend matt has a similar appreciation and he’s just recently acquired a set for his e30 – sick!


matt’s rims were originally 15x6.5s, but he’s had them rebuilt as 15x7.5s on the front and 15x8s on the back. like me, matt has a vision for his car - involving good stance. going lower, and getting even bigger lips for his rims are both on his to-do list. definitely looking forward to seeing progress on his ride… there’s nothing wrong with having a flush daily driver ;)

i can’t help but wonder why these wheels have all of a sudden become so sought after? does the fact that they have to be customised to look good give them the ‘cool’ factor? either way, i’m not sure if i could manage to splash out and get them for my bB. i can however, fantasise about it. i love the wheels custom painted pink, they would be the ultimate accessory for the beebs...


hmm. on second thoughts, maybe i will see if mother christmas will treat me this december.

mum, if you are reading this… aren’t they SO pretty?


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