Tuesday, September 21, 2010

married to… my camera.

okay, so a few people gave me shit about a previous post on wedding images that i liked. come on guys, it wasn’t a hint at a person, but rather a hint at something else i'm passionate about, which is of course wedding photography.

my love for photography blossomed at high school where once thrown into the darkroom, i was captivated by every aspect of photography and was soon putting all my energy and time into the subject. my first assignment was a total success and after achieving excellence in every project that year, i received a scholarship award in recognition of my efforts! i think this was what gave me the extra push i needed, the extra confidence to believe in myself and take it to the next level.


during my 7th form year, a local photographer offered me work experience at her studio. i ended up leaving school and for the next 3 years of my life, i worked for her and gained invaluable experience as a photographer. looking back on it, i had some of the best times of my life.

although looking at my finished photographs was probably the most satisfying part of my job, the fun part was actually going to shoot locations. shooting million dollar properties around the country, hanging out of a helicopter with three cameras around my neck, being carted down the side of a cliff by a truck winch to a private beach, having endless coffee drinking competitions with my boss… these are some of my best memories!


i will never forget the first wedding i went along to when i was working as an assistant. i remember being nervous, which is rather ridiculous, but i had never actually been to a wedding before! i hadn’t met the bride before either, and it was an unusual feeling being welcomed into her hotel room where her and her family were sharing such intimate moments before the ceremony together.

i have been to at least 30 weddings now, (i think?) but i only ever felt a lump in my throat at the first one i went to. after that it was all business, and i soon had my calendar filled with bookings for weddings everywhere from the beautiful whangarei heads to kaitaia. here are some of my favourite images...


i love photographing people, delicate details and beautiful landscapes,
and wedding photography allows me to combine all of these - i also love how there is so much room to be creative and express my own personal style through my images. it's such a personal and special role to play in the part of a wedding, and i love everything about it.


if you're planning a wedding and looking for a photographer in the upper north island, i still work freelance and charge at a very competitive rate :) please don't hesitate to get in contact and i can get some more info out to you. if you're looking for wedding ideas, these websites are amazing:
the pretty blog

elizabeth anne designs
once wed

while on the subject of photography, a HUGE thank-you to my models tess and my sister nicole, who not only helped me recieve awards in nzipp and kodak competitions, but inspired me and helped me to become the photographer (and person) i am today. you are both so beautiful. <3



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