Monday, September 6, 2010

not the only bB girl!

so… you guys are probably sick of seeing so many toyota bBs on my blog. if this is the case, i suggest you get used to it as bBs are cool and if you don’t like them then that makes you totally un-cool. just to prove that i am not crazy, let me show you that i’m not the only bB-obsessed girl in the world.

my friend jo osborne has had her bB for a few months now, and she’s just had the car lowered with the addition of a new set of 18x8.5 +30 SSR professors. check it out!





looks super sweet! i love the transformation the bB goes through when it gets lowered on good wheels, it just looks completely different! jo also has plans to get the car lower and put spacers on the back wheels to achieve the ‘flush’ look. complete with illest and hellaflush stickers, she totally proves that i’m not the only bB/stance obsessed girl out there, which i like very much.

i’m looking forward to seeing progress on jo’s bB in the near future. maybe we can even start some sort of sweet gang... or something.

thanks jo for the photos!

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