Monday, September 13, 2010

september update

the nights are getting warmer, and with summer around the corner, pedey and i are gradually heaving ourselves out of our snugly winter couple-cave where we have been hibernating for the last few months. as well as slaving over the latest issues of pcar, pedey has been working on getting the impala in tip-top condition, with the help of grant and the guys at gt refinishers. they’ve done an amazing job so far and a shitload of progress has been made, which is incredibly exciting…


photo from pedeyworld

at the moment, the car is just about ready to get her new paint-job – a gorgeous pale, silvery shade of gold. the other night we sat down and eventually narrowed our options down to about 30 different shades – who knew there would be that many shades of gold, seriously! it was a tough choice, but we knew exactly what we wanted and we got there in the end. the impala’s new shoes have also just arrived in the country, but i haven’t seen them in person yet. all i know is that they’re negative offset, so of course they get my approval. as for suspension, that’s going to have to stay a surprise. you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

unfortunately, due to all the fuss and commotion over the beloved fastback, my little black baby has not been receiving much attention lately. with a broken alternator bearing, he sounds a little worse for wear and is in urgent need of some tlc. thankfully, saint patrick has made time to get him into the workshop this week, so hopefully he’ll be feeling better by the weekend. i plan to give him a big wash and get the polish out – he definitely deserves a little makeover. if he’s good he might even get some new stickers!!! (just to clarify here, i'm talking about washing the car, not patrick. i'm not sure if patrick would be very happy if i hosed him down and put some stanceworks stickers on his head!)

with all my fussing over bbs rs rims and how i want pink ones so badly, someone suggested that i could just paint the centres of my old school rims instead. i’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now, and i still honestly can’t decide what to do. so far i’ve been taking votes…


sorry about the lazy photoshopping. i would love any feedback about this so please feel free to let me know your opinions!

as for my bmx project, well… it’s pretty much still sitting in pieces in the garage. i have, however, recently acquired a pair of cute pale pink oury grips and a pink chain! check it out…


i would just like to express how excited i am that summer is nearly here - various pool parties (including corona and bbq consumption) on our roof/deck, the completion of both mine and pedey’s cars, the impala’s first road trip down to martinborough for new years, getting my yakima roof-rack, christmas in canterbury, the bB’s first car competition, 4 and rotary events, entering a team in the cannonball run, the big day out, beach hop in whangamata, and hopefully another crazy birthday party on matakana island are some of the things i’ve got to look forward to on my calendar!

i have an amazing feeling about this summer, so expect to see coverage here on my blog on all of the above! and with so many car events coming up, i’m looking forward to being able to post some sicko nz cars on here as opposed to cars i like from the internet - i’ll be that tall girl following pedey around with a camera!


to finish things off, check out the cover of the latest no limits magazine - out now! free when you buy any demon energy drink:



  1. hey check this out... next mod for the Bb??


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