Thursday, October 14, 2010

dreams are free, cars aren't!

after embarking on my first modified car project, (which i might add, still isn't finished yet!), i can't help but feel not fully satisfied with it. i absolutely love my car, and i know it will look awesome once it's finished - it already looks cool. i just feel like... it's not enough for me.

sure, i'm still a rookie when it comes to knowledge about cars and modifying them. part of me says that i should just be satisfied with my little bB, it is very suitable for me after all. but when i flick through the pages of performance car, when i browse hellaflush and when i go out to car events and see the sick rides that other people have, the same feeling creeps up my throat and catches me out every time. it's funny because i do experience a similar feeling when seeing an amazing pair of shoes or even listening to a friend's impressive travel stories. but the interesting thing is that it's nowhere NEAR as strong as when i see a beautiful car that i could totally envisage seeing in my own garage. the feeling is one of pure jealousy.

i think this obsession is fuelled by the perfectionist gene in me. the thought that my car is not the best, or not as cool as other people's cars makes me turn green with envy. a while ago i sat down with pedey and had a chat about this. my first question was "how do people afford such a nice car?" to which pedey replied "i guess you just need to have a really well-paying job." my next question was, "okay, so how do people like ME afford a nice car?" the answer was of course to take a trip to the bank.

a loan. debt. i shuddered at the thought. i've always been debt-free, the thought of oweing money or being in 'negative' dollars just freaks me out completely. getting a loan to accquire a car which i would eventually modify to the point that the wheels would only just be able move round in circles - and make a horrible rubbing sound when they did,(full sick!) to many people would just seem absolutely ridiculous! i soon realised that the very people that inspire me to want to get a loan for a rad car in the first place, are the people that would think the opposite. they would be the ones behind it 100%, the ones that would step back to admire and appreciate the car, the ones that would try and stick their finger underneath my wheel and say "cool!"

the biggest question is what car would i get - it would have to be something worth it! i've always loved nissan 350zs, they are such beautiful cars and look even better slammed with good fitment...


but they just aren't as desirable to me as a convertible. a couple of months ago i saw a few pictures of stanced convertibles and i've had a one track mind ever since. i like mx5s, but they just aren't bad ass enough. if i'm going to do this, i'm going to do it properly! which is why i have my heart set on an s2000...


if all goes to plan, i'll start my new project after this summer to have it ready by the end of next year. i have my mind made up and i'm thinking of getting a paint job, (as i'm so jealous after pedey's new paint job!) silver-lilac on super flush white rims. i've decided that i need to get over my pink obsession and go for something a bit more 'mature', while of course still incorporating my feminine style into the car. check out my vision...


picture from stancenation

i think of it like this. whenever i look at my credit card and get depressed, i'll still be able to wiggle it between my guard and my tire and go "haha, fuck yeah!"


  1. fuck you take hot bitch to a new level

  2. I second that emotion:-)


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