Thursday, October 7, 2010

iheartstance official 100th post!

today i sat at the top of mt. eden and watched the sun bounce off the buildings scattered below the sky tower. it’s become my daily ritual to walk up there at lunch, and today i realised that i’m still not over the breathtaking view. it makes me realise just how much i love being in auckland, and since i made the move here over a year and a half ago i know i’ll never go back. since coming here i’ve gained a new appreciation for many things, and i know that some of my friends have perhaps found a few of these hobbies to seem a little out of my character. if a year ago, you told me i’d have a lowered shoe-box shaped car that struggles to get over speedbumps and that i wrote a blog about wheel fitment, i would've totally told you to f*ck off!

what you have to understand is, i spend a lot of time with people that literally live and breathe cars. i get home and have to wade through a sea of performance car, nzv8, classic car and various low-rider magazines to get to the kitchen. our garage space is taken up by car-parts, stacks of wheels and pieces of chrome trim scattered everywhere, with one side waiting patiently to be claimed by a monstrous classic impala which makes the house smell like old car interior. (i definitely say i have to prefer this to the MarkII that would make the whole house reek of fuel and give everyone a headache!) a normal evening spent with pedey usually consists of him sitting on his lap-top until the late hours, either writing about cars or talking on the phone to someone about them. our flatmate usually gets home quite late, after he’s finished working on his own project car at his workshop. if pedey does manage to make it to bed at a decent hour, i’m woken by him in the night sleep-talking about you guessed it, "nah it’s too low bro – zero ground-clearance!"

i literally went from having no interest whatsoever, to one day waking up and seeing a car that made me think "wow, that looks really awesome!" from there all i did was listen and learn, and i realised that this was something that i was actually passionate about. i’m a girl that still likes rihanna, the colour pink and stuff that makes my hair look pretty. the car scene is something i never thought about before - but all of a sudden i found myself lost in it. speedhunters, hellaflush and stanceworks now sit bookmarked on my laptop desktop with a black 350z as my wallpaper, my diary filled with car events i’m looking forward to over the summer. sometimes i sit back and think – errr… how did this happen again?

i guess the point of this is to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has been reading iheartstance, and thank-you especially for actually giving me a chance. being quite a 'girly-girl' type, it means a lot that people have actually taken an interest in me voicing my opinions about cars and stance - all of your feedback has been so amazing. and of course, to thank my amazing partner pedey, for introducing me to something that i really love. (not him – cars!) since starting this blog he has been so supportive and very helpful and i appreciate it more than he knows. and thanks babe for understanding that i’m always going to be that girl that takes an extra half an hour to put my hair extensions in before we go out and that i am incapable of not buying a new pair of shoes every month on the internet!


in celebration of my 100th post i thought it might be time to give the blog a little bit of a makeover – a little less pink and a few new features here and there! if you have any suggestions or feedback for me, please do give me and email at with your thoughts!

thank-you so much everyone!


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