Monday, October 18, 2010

the perfect stance

yesterday i received a very interesting comment on here - basically, an anonymous reader was confused about the definition of the word ‘stance’. i deleted this comment as the context it was written in was just a bit too not-so-nice for my liking, which at first made me think ‘you've been reading my blog and you still don't get it yet?' and 'if you don’t like it, nobody is forcing you to read it?’ after thinking about it some more though, i decided perhaps it was sort of fair. if i’m going to start a blog stating ‘i love stance’, perhaps i should be writing more about stance itself and why i actually like it so much.

if you asked me to put the definition of stance into my own words, i think i would have to say it is the effect your wheel fitment has to the overall appearance of your car. the combination of offset, ride height and camber all contribute to this. of course, different people will have different definitions on the ‘perfect stance’. i personally love ‘wheel poke’ or mexi-fitment, where your wheels (usually lower offset) are just stupidly too wide and stick out like there’s no tomorrow. the most commonly known stance term is ‘hellaflush”, where the rim and the guard sit perfectly in line – i think this is most commonly thought of by stance enthusiasts as the perfect stance.

yesterday i stumbled across these pictures of perhaps THE most perfect stance in the whole world. this g35 rocks 19×10's (-20) & 19×12's (-32) oh, shit. makes my s2k vision look like a teddy bears picnic, don't you think?



look at the way the wheels make the car sit - reminds me of a big wallowing blue whale! what a beast... seriously though if this thing doesn't make you understand what stance is i don't know what will!


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stance enthusiasts are people that believe wheel fitment should play a big part (or at least be taken into consideration!) when modifying your car. why? because we think it looks cool. i think that poor stance is like having poor posture – it just looks lazy and unattractive! if you are still unsure on what the f*ck my blog is about you can also check out my previous posts a girl’s guide to stance and a girl’s guide to stance part 2!

what do you guys define as the perfect stance?


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