Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GOODBYE 2010 :'(

is anyone else as excited as i am to be on christmas holidays? tomorrow i'm heading off for a well deserved break until the 10th of january, so it's time to give my eyes a rest from the computer and get some much needed sunshine - if you see me on facebook make sure you tell me off!!!

i think it's fair to say that 2010 has been the best year of my life so far. not only have i moved in with the man of my dreams and have secured a fantastic new job, i've also found a new hobby that i'm really passionate about, which has inspired me to start this blog. i love that i can combine my two passions, the other being photography, into one creative project.

since i'm in such a good mood today i thought i would share a few things that have really made me happy this week:


angry birds cupcakes. self explanatory.


one of my best friends is a florist and she was nice enough to give me this beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers yesterday - hydrangeas, lillies and pink roses ♥


my RnV ticket arrived courtesy of demon energy (THANKS GUYS!!!) and i also got some westfield vouchers, yay!


unfortunately i bought these shoes before i got the vouchers! mmm they are so pretty.


i got home and a case of russian standard vodka was sitting on the doorstep. SWEET!


i don't really go behind our house (there are waaaay too many spiders back there...) but i'm really glad that i did the other day. i found a beautiful flowering hydrangea plant with the most amazing purple flowers. so pretty ♥


today i recieved a package from my best friend in perth, she bought me this cute pink tea-cup set. i love it so much, thanks suzie!

wishing everyone a happy, sunshine-filled holiday and see you next year!


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