Wednesday, December 15, 2010

is it love? or just another bmw...

yesterday i had another almost-crash-bB-whilst-perving-at-another-car moment. this is a pretty normal thing to happen to me, (i am a blonde you know), but what surprised me was that it wasn’t an s2000 or 350z i was oggling – and no it wasn’t the reflection of my own car in a shop window either! why was i perving at a bmw? and why did it look so cool?

i’ve always slightly fancied the look of z3 convertibles but never thought too much about them because i’m not generally a huge euro fan, especially after my former daily driver literally fell to pieces. however, yesterday i found myself having such a big gawk at this sexy beige z4 with black soft-top on black 18’s that i nearly crashed into the national bank. not sure the bank would be happy about that happening a second time… but let’s not go there.

the z4 is the successor of the z3 and was first produced in 2003. i’d never really taken any notice of either cars until now, but i’m really loving the look of the z4 – and what intrigues me the most is that there’s a very limited amount of them on the internet that are super slammed with good fitment.


this black z4 is pretty rad but i’m not a fan of the wheels – does have good fitment though.



the hard-top really kills the shape of the car for me, unlike the s2000 which i feel looks even better with a hard-top as opposed to the rag-top. my question is, are there any other flush z4s around, and if so, can someone show me? i think they have the potential to look pretty sick as a stanced out convertible!

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