Thursday, January 13, 2011

monthly poll : january

i've been a bit slow this month organising this but it's definitely time to run another poll on here. i've just purchased an mx-5 and i'm wanting to get some opinions from my readers about the kind of modifications you guys think are essential - obviously i need to transform it from looking like something your mum would drive, to well... something that's a lot cooler. at the moment i have a list of things that are definitely going to happen (new exhaust, headers, wheels, suspension etc.) but i'm still indecisive on what other things i should spend my money on. check out the poll on the right and let me know your opinion!

last months poll was one for the ladies, and you girls voted that a new bikini was your #1 essential accessory for summer which i totally agree on! i bought this cute pink one a few weeks ago from seafolly and i absolutely love it!


i know that this months topic is pretty much the complete opposite but i like to mix things up on here so happy voting!


  1. You want it looking cool and get into racing? Get some good tires and some good brakes and get racing! The rest will follow. Headers + exhaust sound nice but they cost money you could've spend on racing it! As soon as you start racing you see things you want different. You can start then. Just take it to a track day and it will become clear what you " need " .

    Greetings from the Netherlands. My gf and me are big fans!

  2. headers + exhaust will enhance racing!

  3. Congrats on the Miata. You might want to take a look at this gentleman. He has alot of mx-5 parts for sale at very good deals. I am looking forward to see some progress on your car.


  4. forgot to post the link of the gentleman sorry haha

  5. Hey thanks for this, I'm having a look at it now! You are based in Canada right? Do you have any connections here in NZ? thanks for the positive feedback, just having a browse at your blog now :)

  6. Hi there, Unfortunately I have no affiliations with anyone in NZ, I just end up following alot of NZ blogs. As for my blog, I've been slacking on the updates, expect a lot this spring (starting april) and I added you in my blogroll as ''she loves stance'' haha!


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