Monday, February 21, 2011

the new shoes and top

After many weeks of stressing over what wheels I wanted for the MX-5, one night it literally came to me in my sleep. Actual. I was rudely awoken to a laptop being shoved in my face with a picture of these genuine Watanabe wheels for sale and I knew I had to get them. They are 14x7.5 (I know, 7.5!) but they have an offset of -3. Funny enough when I went to pick them up, the guy selling them was previously running them on his white MX-5.

I also picked up a hardtop...



  1. Nice choice in wheels :) Should look great.

  2. Jealous of the hard top.... I need one where I live now. I'm terrified to take my car out in the cold with the soft top. :(

    BTW wanted to let you know I'm linking to you on my blog. Must support another female car blogger! ^-^ (And if I'm approved I'd like to get a sticker for my 240 & Miata. I need stance approval from you first. :P)

  3. Yay thanks hun yeah no worries what's your postal address? I subscribe to your blog too :)


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