Monday, March 7, 2011

new cool stuff

I've been so busy lately with non car-related activities and I've been seriously dying to get some work done on my MX-5. This week I'll be getting Grant at GTRefinishers to paint my rims - I've spent the last couple of hours trying to pick a colour and it is way too hard. How will I ever decide?

I also bought a fluro pink high vis vest on Ebay and it arrived today. It's an extra small but it's so huge on me! I think I might have to take it in with my sewing machine...

And last but not least, I got home today there was a big box waiting for me. I couldn't help but open it straight away - my suspension!

They are BC Gold BR-type coilovers.

My precious...

Can't wait to put these puppies in!


  1. 2 things.
    1st) that high vis vest is AWSOME!

    2nd) wheel colour, 2nd page 3rd from the top left row.

  2. Thanks Dave! I've been looking for a pink hi vis for a while and eventually found them for sale on UK Ebay of all places. As for the wheel colour, I have until tonight and still haven't decided yet. Definitely want a hot pink but with a slight tinge of Magenta I think? Haha I have no idea how i'm going to decide!

  3. Oh and thanks for the proposal George but I already have a boyfriend sorry! Haha

  4. Ahahaha last photo is so cheeeese :P

  5. love the rim, love the color! awesome pick!


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