Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nzpc hardpark wellington

After hitting Slipway on Sunday with the STM crew, we headed over to the Riverbank car park in Lower Hutt for the Wellington NZPC Hardpark meet. Not only was it an absolute scorcher of an afternoon, the amount of cars and people that turned up was huge!

There were two cars that stole the show and the first was Matt Leluan's beautifully executed MK2 Cortina. This thing is low, loud and pretty hard to take your eyes off...

The second was this Boso-styled Cressida which had a 1JZ conversion. Complete with front mounted oil cooler, fender flares and two different sets of wheels, this car was getting plenty of attention from the crowd. Not to mention the in-your-face exhaust – love it.

The only thing I found out of place on this car was the gold windscreen decals. Although I like the look of the matching colour scheme and of course the fact that he is repping sites such as Fatlace and Stanceworks I would prefer if these stickers were authentic. Not that I have anything against it or anything but just IMO.

I appreciated where this guy was going with his Civic...

This Sil80 looked pretty cool...

The highlight of the day for me was that the “Best Stance” award went to this FD – owned by a girl!


Illest hat. Sweet!

Now this was a refreshing sight – a completely unmolested RX-3 on genuine Watanabes. The guy that turned up with this car told us he also has a 110S Cosmo sitting at home in the garage. What a good dude!

I thought this was pretty cool...

Not quite identical but pretty close. I want one for my MX-5!

Somehow this bagged Mercedes pulled off this look – not quite sure how but it actually looked pretty dope! NZPC gave the car the award for Best Euro ride.

It was such a great day and I was pleased to see that everyone was on their best behaviour. There was such a positive and friendly atmosphere and I really enjoyed that. Thanks NZPC for organising it!

Although there were heaps of cars that I did like and that no doubt had been built to a high standard, I couldn’t help but feel a very tiny niggling feeling of disappointment at the end of the day - there just wasn’t any flush fitment there that rocked my world! It was however, certainly evident that the trend is picking up and I am really excited about that. I'll be looking forward to the next Hardpark for sure!

Photos by:
Taryn Croucher
Genevieve Warburton
Ben Silcock

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  1. Looks like it would have been a lush day.

    I do like that Cressida


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