Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pink is the new... pink!

Tonight I went down to GTRefinishers to watch Grant paint my Watanabes. My original plan was to have them white, but after I blogged about the idea of painting them bright pink I had so many positive responses from you guys that I decided to go for it!

When I got there he had them prepped and ready for the paint. I'd spent the last two days trying to figure out the exact colour I wanted them and still hadn't decided.

Finally I came to a decision and we headed out back to make up the paint.

Halfway through mixing this, Grant looks up at me and says 'This is weird, I don't think I've ever made pink paint before!'

Spraying on the first coat...

These photos don't really show the colour very well because of the fluorescent light, but it's such a nice pink and I'm really happy with it. Can't wait to see the wheels back on the MX-5 with the coilovers in... too exciting!

On a different note, now that I'm back at home I've uploaded new stock onto the online store so make sure to check it out here.

The original stickers are back in stock and I've had a special run of black and pink stickers printed too. These are limited edition and I don't have very many so if you want one, get in quick!


  1. That looks fantastic Taryn!
    Are you going to get your roll-cage painted aswell?

  2. Hey Dave - nah I'm planning to paint it white! I really want the wheels to be the only bright thing on the car so they really stand out! :)

  3. oh yup, that should look grand. Looking forward to the finished product, should be lush.


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