Monday, March 14, 2011

a typical morning with the stm crew!

I woke up on Sunday with much difficulty, dragging myself out of bed well before sunrise to jump on a plane and fly down to New Zealand’s capital city. Upon arrival I was picked up by Ben and the team from Speedtech Motorsport and told that we were heading out to Slipway Driving Facility to test out Speedtech owner Andre's KT100 go-kart! As we drove through the city I noticed we were getting higher and higher, winding through Wellington's steep narrow streets and eventually onto a gravel road that continued to wind through the hillside. If you've never been there before, the best way to show it is like this...

As we drove over the top of the hill it came into view, a huge open track in the middle of the valley with the ground falling away at either side. What an amazing spot! Andre was first to get out onto the asphalt, taking his new VE-SS Commodore out for a spin before the boys prepped the kart so that we could each take it out for a burn. The kart looked pretty harmless but after they finally got it started up I was very surprised to see how fast it was! As you can see, Andre and the boys really looked like they knew exactly what they were doing...

It was strange seeing such a little machine going so fast! Although it only has a single cylinder 100cc 2-stroke engine it can reach speeds of over 100kmh!

Finally it was my turn and after watching everyone I must admit that I had my reservations at first – I much prefer the idea of driving a vehicle with doors either side of me! It was actually so much fun though and I wish we could have spent longer on it. I want one!

After this we headed over to Lower Hutt for the NZ Performance Car Hardpark, which totally went off by the way! Stay tuned as I'll be posting up photos from this over the next couple of days!

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