Monday, April 18, 2011

lazy sunday at c's garage

On Sunday I got the opportunity to meet the guys behind New Zealand automotive blog C's Garage. Joel and Adam are two brothers that share a love for cars and no doubt you've seen or heard about them before. I'm a big fan of Joel's yellow Onevia and was stoked to see it up close - those Work wheels are so sick! The boys had invited a few mates around and they had some pretty awesome rides with them. I think I made a pretty good effort to act cool when I saw the crazy amount of Bride seats and genuine Work wheels around the place but really I was totally dorking out on the inside, ha! Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Loved the style that this Mark-II had going on, especially with the Emotion CR-KAIs fitted right.

Joel's Work VS-XXs are 18x9.5 -10 in the front and 18x10.5 -31 in the rear - possibly my favourite wheels ever!

This S14 was so clean and simple, really beautiful.

This FC had just had a 1JZ dropped in it and looked super tough. Really digging the weird colour scheme too.

Nick's MX-5, one of the cars that inspired me to build my own NA. His 15x8 Work Equip 01s look super dope - I can't hide how envious I am when I'm around this car!

This beautiful Datsun had just been rebuilt with a SR20 in it. Owned by a girl too, rad!

So much awesomeness in one driveway. Check out a full "Shed Raid" feature in the next Performance Car magazine!


  1. Hey were can i get a set of these Work VS-XXs that u have on the yellow silvia??



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