Wednesday, April 6, 2011

miata finally wears her new kicks...

On Sunday I met up with John from Guardworks who kindly made the trip up from Hamilton to work his magic on my fenders! After a few weeks of having my freshly painted rims just sitting there on the floor in my garage I was really amped to finally see them go on the car. With my coilovers installed, the next step was to get the guards rolled so that we could lower the car further and have my new wheels fit nicely.

John did a great job with the guards, but when it was time to lower the car I was quite shocked – check out the gap when we test fitted one of the wheels! I’d been told about how the BC coilovers don’t lower the car “enough” but I didn’t think it would be this bad!

Last night we headed over to my flatmate Pat’s garage and managed to lower it a bit further but it’s still not enough for my liking! After inflating the tires though we put the wheels on and I love how they look on the car, especially with the black wheels nuts!

Jacky from JTUNE also hooked me up with these cute rainbow plate screws. Thanks Jacky!

Things are definitely coming together now and the car looks AMAZING with all four wheels on it, the lower offset makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of the vehicle. I can’t wait to get it sitting a bit lower and at some stage this month I’ll be putting on a front and a rear lip which I am really excited about! I feel like I’ve been working so hard getting the car ready but there are still so many things I still need to do to it. Patience is key but unfortunately it’s just not one of my best qualities!

If you’ve got a car that needs guard work then John is definitely your man – he has all the professional equipment and experience needed to help you out with your project. Check out his new site here for more info!


  1. Love those wheels, great classic look. Its gonna look DOPE lower!

  2. What are the specs on the tyres?

  3. I wa right, it does look fantastic. Tis a shame you are not in hamilton, would love to see this around on the roads


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