Thursday, May 19, 2011

almost there...

Yesterday I found an old piece of paper in my handbag listing all the things that I wanted to do to my car. I grabbed a pen and began to tick off everything I've done so far and was quite surprised at how many things I could cross off the list - over half! Now that I have my seats, there are only a few more things left to do before I can call the car 'finished'.

Last week my awesome flatmate and my super awesome boyfriend worked hard to get my half cage fitted and I am really happy with it! Thank-you so much guys! The hard-top only just fits over it which is really lucky. They put my rear lip on for me too. I loooooove it!

I also picked up some cheap harnesses thanks to a kind Facebook friend - thanks Scott! They don't look the best next to my Brides but they will certainly do the trick until I can afford some sweet Takatas. When we put the cage in it made the factory seatbelts quite difficult to get on, so it was lucky I found the harnesses when I did.

I managed (after ten minutes or so of umm-ing and ahh-ing over how to actually do it!) to pull out my dash surround and centre console to cover them in some of my stickers. I've really built up quite a collection and it seemed a shame to see them just sitting there on my floor so I decided to finally put them to good use. The only problem was that I sort of underestimated how many I would need and didn't end up having enough! My centre console will have to wait until new stickers arrive for it.

I did get this Illest lanyard and Slammed Society/Fatlace stickers today though! They are cool as. I also got these V2Lab stickers a while ago (thought I'd include them in the photo - I love the sparkly one!) I think I may be addicted to buying stickers...

The only things left to do to my car now are having my seats and harnesses put in, my cage and hard-top painted and then having some new tophats made so that the car can go a bit lower. So far I haven't got any plans for the engine but to be honest, more power isn't really my priority at the moment. I'm a beginner driver and I really want to gain more confidence behind the wheel and focus on improving my driving skills before I look into that side of things. I plan on taking things slow and just enjoying the car, getting it as low as possible and having fun. I love the idea of throwing a 13B in there but I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that yet! Who knows though, maybe one day :)


  1. Your car is so badass, keep reppin from the ladies team

  2. The 13B would be awesome. :P I had a friend who joked that my Miata needed more power and he'd put in a rotary for me... I told him to go ahead, as long as either A) he was around to work on it when I needed it, B) could teach me all I needed to know to rebuild it myself or C) could guarantee it would run as reliably as her current 1.8L.

    She still has her 1.8. :P (I'd rather get an FC someday anyhow!)

  3. Yay, top hats!!! XD <3


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