Monday, May 9, 2011

high octane on hampton

On Sunday we cruised down to Hampton Downs to check out Rally New Zealand’s High Octane on Hampton event. As well as the Gymkhana competition, D1NZ drift demo and bikini model comp, I was excited to see some of the cars that had come to park-up as I knew there would be a few worthy of being posted on here. I wasn’t disappointed!

I've always really liked this Golf but I've only ever seen it before at night. I never realised the deep purple wheels were Work VSs - sweet!

Kat Benson and her Burger Fuel GSR. Sweet sticker Kat!

Damian from CJC recently got this set of 15x8 Work Meisters for his Integra. Loving the customised 'JERK' stickers!

I fell in love with this RX-7 after 4 & Rotary Nationals earlier this year. The CCW Classics (which are likely to be the only set in New Zealand?) look amazing and are fitted so nicely. I was super stoked to be able to get some nice photos of it.

This left hook M3 on SSR Professors was so cool!

We sat by the fence to check out some of the drifting too which is always entertaining especially when drivers such as Mad Mike and Hugo Maclean are out on the track.

Hugo's lack of bodykit was made up by his sick wheel fitment!

Mike's new quad rotor set-up sounds amazing in person!

I got to go out for a slide with Bruce Tannock in his S13 too which was so much fun, I had forgotten how exciting going sideways in a fast car is! Check out this awesome photo from Mark Curran of Bruce’s car in action...

Awesome photo Mark! I really need to invest in a new lens so I can start getting shots like this!

After walking around Hampton for a good 5 hours yesterday my legs are so sore today, how seriously unfit am I!? Apart from that I had an awesome time, but it did make me a little sad to think that at this event last year, I took my bB out for the first time to an event.

Good times! I can’t wait until my MX-5 is finished so I can start taking it out to events like this. At least my new car won’t be limited to the car park and will be able to get some track time too!

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