Friday, May 27, 2011

may update

Last weekend we moved into a new house and our internet hasn't been connected yet so I apologise for the lack of updates. Would you believe it takes them 5 days to get your internet connected here? Seems pretty slack! Anyway only one day to go... in the mean time I have a few photos I thought I would share with you during this brief stint I have using my laptop at work.

Things have been going well with my MX-5, just plodding along and slowly but surely making progress. On Wednesday night we re-fitted my bolt in half cage as the sides of it were in the way of where my hard-top clips on.

Pedey took this picture while I was up on the hoist - I like how it makes me look like I'm doing work but really I was grumpy because I wasn't strong enough to do something... haha!

I've had a few people send me in some photos lately so I thought I'd post some up. This VW Jetta belongs to Brieanna from British Columbia - check the sticker on the rear windscreen!

I'm so loving her stance!

Vash sent me this photo of his Altezza.

You might remember a post I did recently about Guardworks. John recently sent me a few shots of his latest project, this EF Civic.

It now has a new sticker...

... and so does John's guard roller - love it!

Since posting a picture of a new sticker sample I had printed a while ago I've had a crazy amount of emails from readers asking when they will be available for purchase. I also had a few people comment on the use of the English "I" at the beginning so I've changed it around a little bit, what do you guys think? I can't read Japanese myself but a friend who is fluent helped me out :)

They will be die-cut stickers similar to the original stickers. Hopefully I will be able to get these printed within the next few weeks so stay watching as I have a feeling they will disappear really quick once they are up on the online store.

This Sunday I'll be heading down to Hampton Downs Raceway to test out my MX-5 on the track, which I might add will be my first time driving on a track so I'm a bit nervous (I'm bound to do something embarrassing!) but mainly I'm excited! The track session is being held by Auckland Motorsport and you can check out more information here. If you're thinking of coming along, spectators are free too. See you there!

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