Monday, May 2, 2011

new goodies

On Sunday I nursed my hangover (ouch!!!) by lying on the cold concrete of my driveway swearing at my bent front bumper as we tried to put on my front lip.

Turns out the front of my car is actually not very straight - but we got the lip on there in the end. I'm going to have to sort that wonky bit out but apart from that it looks pretty cool!

Didn't get a chance to put the rear lip on but hopefully will this week.

I also bought an air filter and heat shield and some nice clear side indicators (orange ones had to go!) My little wing mirrors are still sitting in their box as well - I totally forgot about them!

My hard-top is now fully secure too with a new set of frankenstein bolts (old ones were a bit dodgy!) and the soft-top has been taken out. The next stage is fitting my roll bar and taking it to GTRefinishers to get it painted along with my hard-top which is actually a slightly different shade of white to my car. I was going to get the roll bar painted white but now I'm having second thoughts... maybe it should match my wheels!?


  1. the lips look really good, I took the lips off my car to respray them and realized how horrible it looks without them..I wanted to ask where you sources the intake cone and shield? any plans to sell the orange markers?(i wonder if shipping would be crazy because i'm here in the US)

    my thoughts on roll bar color: I left mine powdercoated satin black and am pretty happy, but I think Silver Sparkle would be amazing, especially with a silver sparkle hard top!!!!!

  2. Pink cages/roll bars are the new fad =P

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  4. Nige - thanks for your input!
    Jesse - I agree they look so much better with the lips - all the stuff in this post is from a guy here called Ross whos owns He has a huge supply of parts and does a lot of international orders too by the sounds of it. As for my old indicators, they are gathering dust in my garage if you want them. Could look into shipping for you if you were keen?
    Rocky - after seeing the shots of your car in NZPC I am in love with the pink cage. Pics and article look really awesome!


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