Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iheartstance goes to japan!

Coming up this month will be the 1 year anniversary of iheartstance, and I couldn’t be more excited. It seems really strange that I’ve been doing this for a only a year; it feels like way longer that that! Anyway, I’ve been feeling a bit annoyed about something lately. I’ve been hearing so many awesome travel stories from friends and it’s really been getting under my skin. For those of you that know me, there are only really two things that make me jealous. Cars, and food – now you know!!! But it feels like everyday someone different is posting up amazing pictures on Facebook of their OE or a recent holiday they’ve been on, and almost every day I’ve been finding myself thinking "When will it be my turn?!"

There have also been a few things over the last few months that have caught my attention, and as well as making me feel a bit jealous, they are things that I’ve really drawn inspiration from. The first is of course is the styling of Rauh Welt Begriff. I am so fascinated by these amazing Porsches and so intrigued by the RWB style, it's so unique and I have really taken a huge interest in it. The second thing that has really got me hooked is Shirtstuckedin, the personal blog of Speedhunters photographer Casey Dhnaram. I’ve been finding myself checking it daily for new content from his recent trip to Osaka in Japan. The quality of his images is just fantastic and I’ve become a huge fan of his posts of late. I think that the #1 thing that is so enjoyable about his blog is that he is so passionate and enthusiastic about cars and photography, which I feel like I can relate to. The last thing was a blog post by Frank Liew, owner and director of Qubic Store. Frank recently visited Tokyo and was inspired to write this think-piece on his views of the city in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. Ever since the disaster I have contemplated making a donation but I just can’t help but feel like my efforts would be insignificant. Frank really made me think more about it though and when an opportunity popped up last week, I decided I couldn't really say no. To quote his exact words, "the best thing you can do going forward is to save some money, get some time off work, and just go there with a smile on your face".

So that is exactly what I'm going to do! This time tomorrow, my boyfriend and I will be flying into Osaka, and will be spending the majority of our stay in and around Tokyo. I can’t wait to share all of my photos and adventures on here - I'm not too sure if I'll have time to blog while I'm there but I promise to try my best to keep you updated.

Time to go pack, stay tuned! 私❤スタンス


  1. Wow that's some quick organisation, I'm very jealous, Have fun!

  2. Sounds like you will have a fantastic time.
    Enjoy it.


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