Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's a rough world out there... part 1

I tried to imagine the moment that I would set my eyes on an RWB Porsche for the first time. Only a matter of days ago I had blogged about how these cars were such a huge inspiration to me and one of my motives for wanting to visit Japan. So when I found out that there was an Idlers club meet on while we were going to be over there, you can imagine my excitement! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more awesome, we got a call to tell us that Nakai-san himself had invited us out to the games so that we could witness the full RWB experience firsthand. After the recent feature on RWB in Performance Car by Aaron Mai, Mr. Nakai thought it might be a good opportunity for us to see his cars do exactly what he builds them for – to be driven on the track.

Nothing else I’ve ever seen is quite up there on the ultra dope/sick/rad/amazingness scale as these Porsches. As we sat in the back of Nakai-san’s Mercedes driving out to Tsukuba Circuit, I tried to contain my excitement as I contemplated what it would actually be like to see one of these cars with my own eyes as opposed to on a computer screen. We were rolling down the highway (at around 5.30am I might add!) when our driver pointed out that Mr. Nakai was coming up behind us in his personal car, the silver 993 known as ‘Royal Montego Bay’. This was the moment I had been waiting for!

The answer was pretty simple; there are no words.

We pulled into a car park for a quick meet up and I realised that Royal Montego Bay had been renamed; the car now being called ‘Tunerhaus’. I can now tell you that no matter how high quality the photo, it just can’t express the true beauty and presence of this car in real life. As I said, there just aren’t any words to describe it - it’s that amazing!

The drivers must have been thinking “who is this crazy blonde foreign girl running around with a camera and with her mouth hanging open!?”

We continued our trip onto Tsukuba, finally arriving at the track around 7am.

As far as I knew, there would be a lot of Porsches there but I was completely unprepared for what I was about to see.

There were Porsches in all shapes and colours and in every direction; it was more than I ever thought I was going to get to see. There were also other classes racing besides the Porsches, but I will post these cars up another day to keep things short and sweet!

'Bordeaux' and 'Natty Dread' are two of my favourite RWB Porsches. I am a huge fan of the dark satin paint that Nakai-san uses.

This 996 was something different - I quite like the matte grey with gold. It looked sick on the track too.

I was so stoked to see this car there - I've seen pictures of it before but it was even more immaculate in person. I love the bight red on those huge matte black SSR wheels. The dish was insane!

Diamantes appreciated!

It was pretty clear that Nakai-san's 993 'Tunerhaus' stole the show on the day. With it's rough and insanely wide bodykit and that incredible stance, I felt so lucky to be able to be there and see the car up close. I later asked Nakai-san about the change of name as I was curious as to why he would change this. He explained that he originally made the car with plans to sell it, but as he continued to modify it he became very attached and decided that he would keep it as his own. He said that this would be the car's final name as he felt that it belonged at home with him in his workshop. Hence the name, Tunerhaus.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when we met Nakai-san. I had this image in my head of a very mysterious and intimidating man of very few words; but he was the complete opposite to this. He is energetic, charismatic and was very friendly. I felt so honoured to be able to meet him... and his car of course!

I have so many more photos (they just don't seem to end!) so stay tuned for more very soon!


  1. I hope we don't start seeing an influx of red duct tape on wheels in New Zealand! If we do, I'll blame it all on you Taryn! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow! "PADPARADSCHA" sporting crazy spoiler!

  3. Nice photos! Will there be some track shots too?

  4. im so so so jealous of you. i would have killed to see some rauh welt porsches whilst i was in japan last month

  5. Nice Burgerfuel hoodie hahaha

  6. plenty of red duct tape on wheels at any national race meeting in NZ...has been the preferred way of helping stop wheel weights falling off for at least the 15 years I've worked on race cars ;-)


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