Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's a rough world out there... part 2

Post holiday depression is starting to sink in as I sit at my desk wearing a heavy woollen jacket, staring blankly at the stodgy, unattractive looking sushi sitting in front of me. It’s just not the same! However, as I turn on my laptop and open the folder labelled "Idlers" a smile is immediately brought to my face. It’s been over a week since the event and I still can’t get my head around how insanely awesome it was. I can’t stop wishing that if only I could go back and do it all over again...

After checking out all of the cars and walking around the track countless times, I was pretty exhausted and not to mention a bit sunburnt. With a 3am start to the day I was running on only 3 hours sleep - this combined with the hazy, heavy heat made the whole experience seem so surreal; if I didn’t have the photos as proof I might have thought it was a dream. The thought of seeing those Porsches out on the track kept me going though, and boy was it worth it!

We also bumped into Dino from Speedhunters - I had camera envy over the two big 1Ds he was lugging around. Nice to meet you Dino!

As we made our way down to the back of the grandstand I noticed the unmistakable nose of an MX-5 sticking out from behind a barrier, and as we got closer another, and another...

I didn’t realise that Idlers had a Roadster class so it was a pleasant surprise for me (okay, so those of you that know me will know that means I was actually jumping up and down slightly) when I spotted them!

The last races were particularly exciting and I especially enjoyed watching the Roadsters. It made me miss my MX-5 so much!

With my poor feet aching and shoulders sizzling, we made our way to the exit of the first corner and waited patiently as we heard the unmistakable sound of Porsche engines firing up for the last race of the day.

As they came thundering around the corner I knew that we were about to witness something very special. My partner and I were standing about 10 metres apart and after the cars shot past us we both turned to look at eachother and then laughed at eachother's expressions - we both had a look on our faces that said something along the lines of "Holy sh*t!"

Here is a quick clip I took (sorry only iPhone quality), unfortunately it just doesn't quite capture the level of total awesomeness of the moment!

When you are this close to the track, all your senses are on full alert with the roaring sound of the engines, the overpowering smell of fuel burning and the tingling sensation of adrenaline in your heart as the cars zoom past only a few metres away from you. It has to be one of the best feelings in the world! We couldn't get enough.

What an amazing day! The photos don't end here either, so I will make sure to post some more pictures soon of some of the other cars!


  1. So wait, you get excited and jump up and down around cars too? Can I come hang out with you sometime? (Seriously, my husband gets so tired of me getting overly excited... Ha... It takes a lot of effort to keep it contained.)

    Maybe it's a girl thing? At any rate I feel a little less alone! ;)

  2. You sure can if you come to New Zealand! :)


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