Monday, June 27, 2011

it's a rough world out there... part 3

I remember when I first noticed the distinctive white lettering on the sidewall of those enormous slicks that Nakai-san's Stella Artois sits on, and wondering what 'Idlers' meant. One thing's for sure, after my recent stint in Japan I will never forget the name! The Idlers club meet at Tsukuba was not just about Porsches, there were some amazing 350zs, MX-5s and a large collection of Hachirokus there too. Since I have spent the last few days filling up my blog with endless images of beautiful Porsches I thought it might be good idea to change the subject today!

I've never seen so many sets of Watanabes in my life! I loved the brown and gold colour scheme of this AE86 - the matte paint and bolt on fenders looked rad!

I was surprised by how clean and well-looked after all of the cars looked!

A few of the beautiful Zs...

Roadster love ❤

It was nice to see a 240z there, and in bright Orange it certainly stood out in the crowd. Even with the additional fenders the Watanabes still stuck out past the guards.

I loved this old Datsun Fairlady...

...and this Autozam AZ-1! These cars come factory with a 650cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, and this one was surprisingly quick around the track.

This GT-R was immaculate and looked super tough!

This staunch Silhouette-racer style DR30 Skyline was bad-ass!

We spotted this Soarer over in the car park and couldn't help but take notice of it. Sitting low on BBS LMs and I like how the factory two-toned paint has been retained. Super clean!

Hirikoshi-san's Exceed Moat S14 was an impressive sight out on the track. I recently read that the car can lap Tsukuba in 56-seconds! The car had a particularly menacing look about it, especially with that front splitter.

My favourite non-Porsche car there had to be the RWB "Real of the World" Silvia; man did this thing look tough! The matte satin purple-black paint job could only have be done by Rauh-Welt. I was sad to only see it do a few laps before it had to be packed up and taken home due to engine troubles.

This brings me to the end of my Idlers games coverage, I hope you guys have enjoyed it! I certainly did :)


  1. Awesome stuff...especially the porches!! Yum.
    Did you at least ask that dude if you could have the pink one?

  2. Yes I sure did, it didn't work though haha

  3. ur blog is stopping me from studying...!! add us on ur blog roll


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