Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ultimate man cave: the RWB workshop

Okay, so I'm not exactly a man but that doesn't mean that I wasn't just as excited about this! A few months ago I stumbled across this feature on Speedhunters by Rod Chong. Back in 2008, Rod was lucky enough to get a look behind the scenes of the RWB Workshop; home to Nakai-san and his many beloved Porsches. I remember reading it and thinking 'f*ck that is cool!' Never in a million years though did I think that I would one day get to write my own post about doing exactly the same thing - it was such a surreal experience!

After our amazing day out at Tsukuba, we followed Nakai-san in his beautiful 993 Tunerhaus back to his small residence in Chiba - the place where all the magic happens. Driving along the tiny streets winding through the lush green countryside, we passed by rice fields and children playing on the side of the road before finally pulling in front of the unmistakable workshop that Mr. Nakai calls home.

Although our day at Tsukuba was more amazing than I ever thought it was going to be, so much so that I would call it one of the best days of my life; I knew that there was still something missing. The roller door to the workshop opened, and then I saw it... Stella Artois.

No words - my mind is blowing!

Finally, I got to set my eyes on Nakai-san's "first and last' Porsche, his beloved 930 Stella Artois. Although Stella was missing it's rear bumper and wasn't able to come out and play at Tsukuba that day, (the car is currently undergoing some work), it was still just, if not more beautiful than I had imagined it would be.

Nakai-san's workshop is the ultimate man cave. Inside we found several Porsches in various stages of being given the RWB treatment, as well as stack after stack of enormous SSR and Work wheels and a very impressive collection of empty Stella Artois bottles! Nakai-san explained to us that when he is not out driving his cars, all of his time is spent here working on them. He said that because this is his hobby and his job, he works 7 days a week. After a busy day out at the track though, Nakai-san helped himself to an iced coffee and sat for a brief (and rare by the sounds of it) moment of relaxation in his plush red leather armchair, cigarette in hand. He seriously has to be the most interesting character I've ever met!

As I walked around the back of the shop, something caught my eye - something pink. Sitting there amongst about 10 other Porsches (they are all Nakai-san's too by the way) was a gorgeous baby pink rag-top. Check out the smile on my face! When I asked Mr. Nakai who it belonged to, he told me that this car is his other daily driver. OMG. Apparently this car is next in line to be given an RWB makeover, and Nakai-san said that this will be his first ever convertible project. Taryn do want!!!

While we were there I also picked up this hot pink RWB jumper - which is proving to be very useful at the moment as it is the middle of winter here in New Zealand! These jumpers are being made by RWB to raise money for the Japan disaster relief fund so they are for a great cause too. I am not sure when they will be released for sale online though.

It was such a huge honour to be able to visit the Rauh-Welt shop and I just wanted to thank Aaron Mai for organising our visit, as well as Nakai-san for hosting us. I will never forget our amazing experience!


  1. Taryn,
    Awesome to see you got to check this place out! It would have been so fricing cool to see this in person. Hope your coming to World Time Attack in Sydney :)

  2. It was pretty damn cool! Oh man, all our friends are going to that so I am jealous of you - I think I will still be paying off our holiday then, haha :(

  3. Your very lucky and very pretty :)

  4. damn this chick stays fitted

  5. haha yeah its going to be insane hey!! Im currently rebuilding my car and need it ready in 3 weeks to head over for it so time is getting the better of me. Its still a bare shell haha!! Seriously should try make it over hey, its going to be so goooood!!


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