Monday, July 18, 2011

close up with the RE Amemiya hurricane

While we were checking out the RE Amemiya workshop out in Chiba, we got the chance to shoot the latest killer time attack machine to come out of the shop - the Hurricane 7! While Aaron Mai from NZ Performance Car shot some sick images for the magazine, I managed to snap a few of my own to share on here.

Here in New Zealand we have some seriously awesome RX-7s to show off; Mad Mike's deadly drift weapon MADBUL, Andrew Redward's sick LS1 V8-powered FC and Aaron Keach's extremely bad-ass 20B-powered FC to name a few. But I've never seen an RX-7 like this car with my own eyes before, and it was a real treat to get to see it up close and personal. It's not something that I'm big on, but time attack styling is really starting to grow on me and the more I learn about it, the more I can appreciate cars like this.

The Hurricane sports a pretty insane widebody kit (RE Amemiya SGT aero kit) and some intense graphics! It was quite the sight to see when we walked around the back of some quiet shops and saw it sitting there in an empty car park next to a cabbage field!

Under the hood sits a turbocharged 20B triple rotor. The beautiful set of 18×10-inch Enkei GTC01 wheels are super lightweight and suit the car perfectly.

I cannot express to you how extremely small this seat was!!! I felt pretty cool sitting in until I realised that I actually had no idea how I was going get out again. I'm not the smallest person okay! (I'm 5ft 9"!)

Getting to see the Hurricane in person really gave me more of an insight into the time attack tuning culture and a whole new appreciaton for RX-7s all together. It might not have flush fitment or crazy offset but that doesn't mean that a shit-tonne of hard work hasn't gone into this build. I wish I could see it race in person too! Who knows, maybe one day it could happen...

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