Friday, July 29, 2011

girls of stance

If there's one thing I love, it's seeing other girls that love cars and wheel fitment as much as I do. Some... maybe more than I do! Here are a couple of amazing rides with female owners that I just wanted to share on here.

Photos from V2Lab

This S2000 on beautiful red-centred BBS RSs totally blew me away, and of course made me feel a slight tingle of jealousy. The matching seats and the cage are such a nice touch to the car. So clean - and the fitment on those back wheels is sooo sick!

Photo from StanceWorks

This MK3 Jetta coupe has gone through a major transformation - starting off as 4-door! It's so cool to see a car with so much hard work into it and all thanks to a woman. Love it.

Lastly, no - she can't drive yet but that hasn't stopped 6 year-old Lily Rose from reading iheartstance on her dad's computer. Proud father Doug (from Speedtech Motorsport!) sent me a message earlier this week explaining how he didn't even realise that she had been checking my blog regularly and how she has taken a huge liking to it. I had to post the gorgeous photo he sent me because I just can't get over how sweet it is! A future stance-queen in the making perhaps? ♥

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  1. Loving the pic of Lily! Doug told me the story of how he found out about her reading your blog. Pure gold! :)


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