Monday, July 11, 2011

green with RWB envy!

While we were in Shinsaibashi we got the chance to catch up with International RWB Director Toshi and check out his beautiful 993 Porsche 'Rough Rhythm'.

Everything about this car is so immaculate and we were totally in awe of it! I've often wondered what my favourite 'stance' is, but when I saw Rough Rhythm I knew I'd found it.

The way those smooth round fenders hug the massive rear tires is true perfection in fitment form! The massive 18-inch SSR wheels are 10.5" wide in the front and 13" wide at the back - some pretty crazy numbers.

Although the body kit is very similar to Nakai-san's Tunerhaus, the overall appearance of the car is still very different. Toshi chose the green colour as he wanted the car to look different and stand out, and it certainly does just that. Similar to this RWB Porsche we saw at Tsukuba; I love the look of the brightly coloured paint with the wheels in all black, it looks super tough!

I know it's mega cheesy but whenever I look at the rear-end of these cars I automatically get that "I like big butts and I cannot lie" song stuck in my head!!! Does anyone else think of that or am I just super lame!?

I couldn't resist getting my 'girl-on-car' pose on for this car - I wouldn't usually conform to this but it was a special occasion!

To make a great end to the night Toshi took us out for 'Okonomiyaki', which is like a Japanese version of pizza - but with cabbage and noodles of course! An evening of delicious food, good company and an amazing car, and one that I'm not going to forget in a hurry!

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  1. I could see why you might not be all that into modeling with it being kind off a degrading thing, but your gorgeous and you should show your pretty face on here more often.


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