Wednesday, July 6, 2011

honda appreciation time!

I loved this matte black Civic we spotted out at Tsukuba and thought I would share a few quick pics on here...

Speaking on the topic of Honda, I will share with you guys a little story about my own personal Honda experience. My first car back when I was 15 was a 1990-something Honda 'Ascot' called Helen. Helen was very ill - and NOT in the good way! Whether it be the battery dying, the starter motor failing, the radiator overheating or my mum reversing her into a fence, Helen was always causing problems for me. I think this whole experience made me dislike Hondas somewhat which was very sad!

Since I've really gotten into the automotive scene however, I keep seeing more and more amazing rides that blow me away and make me realise how awesome Hondas really are! I now have such big love for cars such as the EK civic, NSX and of course the S2000. I thought it might be a cool idea to put together a quick 'thank-you' collage of my favourite cars that have showed me that not all Hondas are a nightmare like Helen (I'm SO SORRY Helen wherever you are!!!) but that they can actually be the dopeness!!!!

We ♥ honda!

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  1. The Honda Civic which I bought way back in 2002 has gone through very little maintenance for its lifespan. I'm really satisfied with their machines.

  2. Although I'm more of a sedan guy, I'd say that Civic looks pretty sweet. A lot of love to Honda, I love the quality of their cars.


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