Saturday, July 30, 2011

pink RWB dreams

In a recent post on my visit to the Rauh-Welt Begriff workshop I shared with you guys a picture of what had to be one of my favourite cars we saw in Japan, this amazing barbie pink 993 Porsche convertible!

A few weeks ago my friend in Japan sent me a link to some more images of the car, which at the time was being advertised for sale on a Japanese auction site. These photos capture the colour of the car a lot better than the shot above (which was taken at sundown with poor lighting) so I thought I would post a few on here because I am still so in love with it...

I think any car enthusiast can give you a long list of all their dream cars (it's way too hard to pick one, right?) and for me this car is definitely on that list. Unfortunately I have a strong feeling that it will probably stay on that list for the rest of my life!

I couldn't resist quickly photoshopping this image together; please excuse shabby clear-cutting skills, it's way past my bedtime. Sigh... dreams are free! Good night fellow RWB Porsche dreamers ♥

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