Monday, July 4, 2011

RE Amemiya visit

While we were in Tokyo we checked out the home base of world renowned rotary tuning company RE Amemiya.

I've never seen so many rad RX-7s in one place before, it was pretty cool!

I seriously have a whole new appreciation for them after seeing the amazing cars on show outside the workshop. So many beautiful and clean FDs...

...and then some proudly displaying their battle damage!

I liked this clean FC vert.

The beautiful RX-8 seen earlier this year at Tokyo Auto Salon. Love those Enkei GTC01s!

While we were there, Aaron and Pedey took some shots for Performance Car Magazine of the new 'Hurricane' time attack RX-7 - this thing is so tough!

I liked the customised Bride seat - which I seriously could not squeeze into by the way, it was so small! I will update my Facebook page shortly with the full collection of photos, and make sure to stay tuned for later in the week as I have a few photos of the Hurricane too!

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