Monday, August 1, 2011

august update

While those of you who live on the opposite side of the world have been soaking up the summer sun and making the most of your nice weather; here in New Zealand we've been having one of our coldest winter seasons for some time, and it certainly hasn't been pleasant. That is, if you don't like winter sports like me. In fact, I think the most exercise I've done over the last couple of months was last week when I walked backwards and stumbled over a giant cardboard box, tripping backwards and falling flat onto my ass on the floor. I don't have a photo to go with this story so I've drawn a picture in Paint of what it must have looked like at the time...

Aside from shunning myself from society and falling over stationary objects, I've mainly just been focusing on enjoying the 'off-season' for what it is. It's funny because when I think back to the month of March this year, I was absolutely run off my feet and completely exhausted from travelling around the country with all sorts of social/photography related commitments, and I clearly remember thinking 'I can't wait for this to be over so I can do absolutely nothing and relax!' Usual story of every year though, when winter comes around I find myself sitting on the floor of my lounge by a heater, drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits and thinking 'F*ck, I am such a loser!'

This year however, I've made a conscious effort to stay true to those thoughts that I had back at the beginning of the year, and I've found that it really is possible to thoroughly enjoy doing absolutely nothing. My partner hasn't had so many pairs of clean socks and underwear since he moved out of home 13 years ago, and my skills in the kitchen have vastly improved. I'm now able to whip up a pretty awesome chicken donburi and I've totally mastered the art of making tonkatsu with the cheese in the middle. Amazing.

Just in case you haven't guessed already, we have reaaaaaaally been missing REAL Japanese food since we got back from our holiday. So on Saturday night we hit up the Genzui Ramen bar (next to the lobby of the Crown Plaza hotel, Auckland CBD) and I was really stoked with our meal!

Genzui Ramen Bar
128 Albert St.
Auckland Central

Huge chunks of fresh red tuna, delicious gyouza (plate for only $6!) and an amazing selection of authentic Japanese meals to choose from. We even heard the occasional 'Sumimasen' and 'Arigatou Gozaimasu' being muttered around the restaurant. It almost felt like we were back in Japan... almost.

My Canon 5D is still broken but over the weekend I managed to get my hands on another camera, and I thought I'd make the most of it and take a few photos of some of the cute Japanese stuff that I acquired while we were in Tokyo!

It was pretty difficult not to indulge in the shopping in the city, BUT it did help that I have size 9 feet and that I am almost 6ft tall, so pretty much none of the clothes or shoes fit me properly! But in an effort to channel my inner gyaru queen I did pick up some crazy oversized contact lenses and a few sets of enormous 'fairy' lashes. All the girls in the shopping malls wear them, it's so crazy! I picked up a Hello Kitty eyelash case too, it has separate compartments for your lashes and a little mirror - cute!

The electronics stores in Akihabara are intense; imagine 10 stories of everything you can think of that comes with a power cord or batteries and you'll find it there! Oh, and one of those stories is a foodcourt with like 20 Japanese restaurants. I got this pink card-reader, CF card case and mouse all for around $20!

We visited the Autobacs and Up Garage stores in Chiba - soooo many car goodies there. As well as my other gear knob I got this smaller pink one, some fluro pink cable ties and one of those ring door handle things!

I managed to find a 3-story Hello Kitty store - Pedey was not impressed at the amount of time I spent in there!

Pink New Era hat from Harajuku...

...and a matching RWB tee from Nakai-san!

I didn't buy these in Japan but just felt the urge to throw a picture on here - some pink merchandise I purchased from Canibeat, Stance:Nation and Illmotion! As well as being addicted to buying pink accessories, I'm all for supporting my favourite blogs from around the globe :)

And last but not least, I'm so in love with this pink ORLY nail polish I have on right now, as well as this minty-green Australis colour I bought over the weekend.

As I was taking all these photos yesterday I found myself starting to feel a little bit guilty. I have all these cute accessories that fill my bedroom (and not to mention horrify my pink-loathing fiancé) and yet nothing to show as far as progress goes on my car.

During a rare day of sunshine I took my hard-top off and gave the car some air as I stared at the expired registration and WOF tags in agony. 'When will I be able to drive you!?' So close to completion, and yet so far away still...

After thinking about it for a little while, I realised that it was wrong to feel guilty about spending my money on little things for myself and not my car. Unlike all you men out there, (though I'd be highly surprised if any male has made it this far into reading this post) I have womanly needs and requirements, including regular manicures, restocking of various over-priced beauty products and the occasional new pair of high heels. And so therefore, sometimes my beautiful convertible is just going to have to wait.

I haven't forgotten you baby!

Despite what you guys must now be thinking, I haven't been a complete social retard over the past few months. I've recently got in touch with several other slammed MX-5 owners here in NZ, and hopefully in a months time we'll be having our first meet which I'm really excited about! So far I'm aware of seven (I think?) other MX-5 builds on the go here, but if you or anyone else you know is building an MX-5 here in NZ then please hit me up! Only if it's going to be slammed and awesome, obviously.

As much as I am enjoying quiet time over winter, part of me is just bursting with excitement for it to be over so that we can move into the warmer months here. With warmer weather comes car events, and with car events comes general cool shit. Only one more month until Spring...


  1. Genzui is awesome.

    you should also try um Tanpopo and Ichiban Ramen on albert st / opposite stanford hotel? next to albert st food court. if you go there on the 1st / 11th / 21st of each month you get 3 extra gyoza for free.

  2. Hey that is awesome thanks Sam! Yummmm

  3. you should sell me that lil bubble knob :P


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