Tuesday, August 16, 2011

complete, custom and coloured!

Photo by Andy Carter for Canibeat

As fantastic as CCW Classics look in the chrome finish, I've noticed that some people are starting to go for the custom painted look...

The unusual colour scheme of the wheels on this red Civic transforms the car from ordinary into something really personalised and exciting. I was pleased to read that this car actually comes from across the ditch over in Australia!

Images from StanceWorks

Green and black is obviously a combo that's been done before, but there's no denying that it looks great. At night, the glow in the dark paint transforms the car once again. Love it! (Thank-you to the reader below who pointed this out!)

Another clean Honda repping painted CCWs - owned by Punit Patel from Illmotion

Chrome may be classic, but colour is so much more exciting. I love CCW wheels and I really appreciate how the owners of these cars have gone that extra step to further customise their wheels with their own idea of what looks good!


  1. The purple/White + black/green ones above are all the same car!!! .. the white is glo-in-the-dark paint! Owner is OXER ;) Killer car in person!

  2. Is it me or is that red civic got glow in the dark rims? I mean, you state green and black under the second photo but its purple and when i enhanced the first photo you can see a undercoat (glow in dark)? Maybe im just on drugs..

    Loving your stuff still, keep it up

  3. OH real!!!! Shit that is rad! Ok thanks I will have to change what I have written above :)

  4. haha nice correction


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