Monday, August 15, 2011

edaboc store visit

On Saturday we ventured down to Quay St. in Auckland CBD to check out the new Edaboc store! A big shout out to Russ and Timmy for all the hard work they've put in to make the store look as awesome as it does, good work guys!

Awesome photo courtesy of Erron Soon for

We took my partner's Impala out which has just it's exhaust leak fixed up and had a massive bash plate installed underneath it. Apparently if it had taken one more hit to the sump, it would've been all over for her! Lucky for us our good buddy Patrick down at Waikowhai Auto Service Centre was able to fix her up - there's still a lot of work to be done restoring the engine so that is on the cards for later in the year. In the mean time she can just sit there and look pretty!

This 22B STi was a rare sight - I think there are only just over 400 of these cars in the whole world? The factory fender flared widebody is pretty impressive and it was cool to see the owner rocking a gold set of Work VS-xx rims. He hasn't opted for the 'stanced' look but a set of spacers (and maybe even a teensy bit of camber) would really go down a treat!

Aaron Keach's steel-widebody FC pulled up on a different set of wheels since the last time I saw the car in person.

He's now traded in his 19-inch black and green Work Meisters for an even wider set of chrome Work Equips, measuring 18x11 at the front and a massive 18x13 at the rear!

Love the Super Mario figurine hanging off the exhaust!

Sorry about the quality of these pics by the way, I've sort of been borrowing any camera I can get my hands on while my camera has gone away to get fixed. Life just isn't the same without it - I definitely feel like a small part of me is missing! Hopefully I'll get it back in one piece soon, and later this month I'm aiming to have my MX-5 certified and road legal which will also be really awesome! Stay tuned for (finally) some Miatasaurus related updates coming up very soon.

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