Monday, August 22, 2011

VASK 'stance off' event

On Sunday morning I went down to check out a VASK meet held by a few local Euro enthusiasts here in Auckland. Some of you may know that I do have a bit of a soft spot for VWs (RIP my beloved beetle!) so I was curious to see what it was going to be all about.

Polished BBS RS centre as the stance off trophy - rad!

The underground car park was packed full of dubs, new and old. Each car clearly had its own personal touches put into it by the owner too which was really cool to see.

This clean Golf was immaculate and sitting on perfectly sized SSR Professors.

Loving the red with gold BBS LMs. A lot of the cars were sporting roof racks too.

These custom built SSRs went down a treat!

I couldn’t resist giving my vote to this awesome little Mk2 with it’s flush orange steelies. I appreciate how it has it’s own marketing flyers and Facebook page!

Another car with a whole lot of character – Tristan’s Mk1 ‘Polizei’.

I liked these Borbet type A wheels replicas!

It was really cool to see so many people come together and get amongst the whole wheel fitment scene. There was a great turn out of cars and it was awesome to meet a few of the faces behind it – a big thanks to Tristan for inviting me along!

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  1. lol i like the rust is lighter than carbon fiber


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