Monday, September 12, 2011

initial d addiction

Two years ago, I wouldn't have taken a second glance at the image above. But when I saw this today I have to admit that it brought a big smile to my face! Over the last couple of weeks I have been watching an episode each night of Initial D (from the very beginning) and I am SO addicted! Although I've been introduced to it before, I've never bothered to actually watch it beginning to end. I'm such a big cartoon geek so I'm loving every second of it!!!

I'm especially loving Mako and Sayuki in their Sileighty; wouldn't it be so cool to build a replica of this car? Anyway, best get back to watching so I can catch up with the rest of humanity!


  1. I did the same recently, definitely addicting haha

  2. its really addicting. I was watching it on my brothers xbox because he had netflix but he got red rings soo yeah :( I wanna see it !

  3. You should try Wangan Midnight to, Not nearly as addicting but deff a car enthusiasts anime.

  4. This post caught my eye because thats the same image that comes on the box for the 1:16th scale plastic model I constructed in highschool after being OBSESSED with these girls and their sileighty! *sigh* great waterpark episode ha. Back then there was no netflix so I had to go to and pay out the @$$ for ALL of the dvd series and this model....gah a good 10 years ago now wtf have I been doing I need to get my evo3 powered 1G eclipse GSX back on the rd...


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