Sunday, October 9, 2011

CJC jerkfest 2011

To continue on from this previous post, on Friday we met up with a few fellow Auckland-based CJC members before cruising down to Taupo for the 'Jerkfest' track day at Taupo Motorsport Park. After driving at Meremere last weekend, I felt like I had built up a bit of confidence in myself but despite that, I still felt nervous. This was going to be my first time ever, (yes, ever!) being in the driver's seat out on a race track.

At just under 4 hours, it was the longest trip I've ever taken my car on, and I was pleased that it had no objections to this. The standard 1600cc motor has done around 240,000kms.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early, arriving at the track around 8am. When I took the car through scrutineering I found out that as I only had a half cage, I wouldn't be allowed any passengers out on the track. I felt the tingling sensation of butterflies flittering around my stomach as we grouped together for the driver briefing. I was on my own this time!

At this stage I will admit that I was freaking out a little bit. All sorts of things were flying through my head (women generally like to overthink things) such as would I go too slow? Would I get confused and not follow the racing line? Would people get angry at me if I held them up at the corners? Would I spin out off the track onto the 'new grass' and have P Wizz run out and chase after me yielding some sort of weapon!?

But as it turned out, I didn't have to worry about any of those things. There were only 22 cars participating so it was perfect conditions for learning, and during the day I was only overtaken 3 or 4 times! I felt my confidence growing and began to build up speed around corners, and as I became familiar with the track layout everything suddenly felt right. I was having fun!

The morning didn't go so smoothly for this guy though...

A rod went through the block and it was all over for him. Bummer!

My flatmate Patrick was only days away from having his turbocharged Cyborg ready for the track, but couldn't quite get it up to scratch in time. This didn't put a damper on his spirits though, with Patrick instead bringing along his daily driven BMW for a thrash! He had so much fun, he's now convinced he wants to turn this car into a track car too. Oh, Patrick!

On several occasions as I came out of the corners I felt my back wheels break traction, but it didn't alarm me like I though it would. When I accidently went into a skid I knew exactly what do to from last weekend, and I managed to regain control instead of spinning out. Success!

Typically though, after lunch we started having a few issues (that's racing of course, right?) which sadly meant the fun was over for the day. The car started to get a massive wobble on after the 110km/hr mark, and at this stage we are still not too sure where exactly the problem lies - it could possibly be from the CV joints or the diff. Luckily it was nothing too serious so it was still driveable for the trip home. I spent the remainder of the day taking some photos of the other cars, check them out below...

These two beautiful Lotus Exiges both looked and sounded amazing out on the track! You might remember the silver one above from the 4 and Rotary Nationals earlier this year. It was weird seeing it parked next to mine - the cockpit sits lower than the MX-5's!

The other woman driver of the day was driving the one above - intimidating much!?

I loved this low EK Type R on Racing Hart wheels.

The EK Civic has always been my favourite shape.

Had to appreciate this sticker too!

May I present to you... the almighty Shuttle!

There is just something about this little Honda that I like very much. I love the genuine Mugen wheels and the rising sun painted onto the boot; the overall look is casual but still styled really well. Great work P Wizz!

So cute.

Falgs made an appearance in his 5Zigen WRX which was looking good with the bumper repainted in white. And of course, Falgs loves to make a fashion statement on the track...

To infinity, and BEYOND!

This gorgeous old Toyota Crown wagon was so awesome.

I love first generation MR-2s. Although this one was pretty standard it was still sitting pretty low.

Clean Accord on Work Meisters. Check out the wheels a bit closer and you'll see rainbow wheel nuts!

How typical of me to be attracted to these - a few cars there had them, both the Meisters and these Buddy Club racing wheels above.

Couldn't miss out on snapping a photo of these brightly painted BBS RSs.

Spot the stickers!

I think we were all in awe of Gung's beautiful new Type R Civic on Work Meisters. What an amazing car!

A huge thank-you to P Wizz and all of CJC for providing me with a really fun and positive environment to learn to drive in. It was nice to meet so many new people and check out some really awesome cars too. Lastly, another big thank-you to my friend Patrick and my other half Pedey for helping me get the car ready in time - I wouldn't have been able to make it without their help :)

On Sunday I took some photos at the NZDrift Nationals too - will post up some photos from this very soon!


  1. Where do you get those rainbow wheel nuts? Super cool!

  2. You go girl! Did you ever figure out what was wrong with the car? The wobble?

  3. Not yet, going to get it looked at sometime very soon though. Hope it's nothing expensive :S


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