Sunday, October 2, 2011

i love my car!

Oh man, do I have some fantastic stories to share on here after this weekend! On Friday we cruised down to Taupo and I had my first track day driving the MX-5 with the CJC crew. Then after a very early start this morning we drove back up to Hampton Downs for the NZDrift Nationals! I have so many photos to share, but they can wait until tomorrow.

Firstly though, I just can't express how much I am in love with my car and how happy I am that my MX-5 project has finally become a reality! When I first bought the car 8 months ago I had no idea that it was the beginning of what I've now discovered is going to be a long and exciting relationship with MX-5s. In the past week my knowledge and understanding of my roadster has doubled, tripled even; and I've now come to the realisation that my passion for cars goes way further than just the way their wheels fit.

My bB may have made me fall in love with stance, but that was only the beginning. The MX-5 has brought out a completely different side of me and I'm enjoying it so much. Stay tuned for photos and coverage from the CJC track day and the NZDrift nats! ♥


  1. Good to see you and PD out there enjoying the car Taryn! You did very well for your first trackday and looked more and more comfortable behind the wheel as the day went on. I've been to many trackdays and without fail, the people with the biggest smiles at the end of the day seem to be MX5 pilots. They prove you don't need the biggest budget or most powerful car to enjoy the track!

    Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself properly to you guys through the day even though I was parked up next to you for most of it. Had my hands full keeping two English cars from blowing up ;)

  2. Hey George, glad to hear that both cars made it through the day unharmed. I must admit it was a little bit intimidating seeing one coming up behind me in my rear vision mirror haha!

    The Mx5 is just so great to learn to drive in and I'm so glad I made the choice to buy one! Both this weekend and last weekend I've been blown away by how supportive and encouraging everyone has been with me being a beginner driver and it has been really awesome. It most definitely puts a smile on my face! :)


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